Please read and abide by the following terms and conditions when hiring NWKBB Water Activity Centre.


1 Responsibility – The adult in charge, who must be over 18, must ensure:
1.1 Provision of suitably qualified/competent instructors for water activities
1.2 Adequate supervision on the site at all times
1.3 Correct use of all equipment
1.4 Necessary safety precautions taken by those involved in river activities
1.5 All accidents/damage must be reported must be reported to the Booking Secretary
1.6 Site correctly secured at end of use (See section 6)
1.7 All use f the site must be recorded in the log book
1.8 Adequate first aid equipment is available (not provided by the centre)
2 Consideration of others – The good name of the BB must be maintained and to this end:
2.1 Do not obstruct the pavement
2.2 Avoid undue noise
2.3 Have general respect for local residents
2.4 The site must be vacated by 10pm
3 Safety for river users
3.1 Life jackets must be worn and suitable instructions given to members in case of accident
3.2 The life belts provided must be made ready for immediate use before activities commence
3.3 All craft must be in good working order
4 Safety n the building
4.1 Extreme care must be taken to prevent a fire – no naked flames on site
4.2 Only approved electrical appliances
4.3 Climbing over the balcony is strictly forbidden
4.4 The emergency exit door must be kept clear at all
5 Emergency
5.1 The nearest telephone is 150m along Barden Road in the opposite direction to the town
6 Security
6.1 Shut and lock windows and shutters
6.2 Return all equipment taken from building and boat store – including life belts
6.3 Switch off all electrical equipment – including mains
6.4 Turn off mains water – beneath hand basin
6.5 Lock all doors
6.6 Lock all gates to site
6.7 Return keys to holder
7 Care of the Site
7.1 Empty all bins and tidy up after your visit
7.2 All rubbish must be removed by user
7.3 The building, showers, sink and toilet should be left clean
7.4 Checks will be made before and after your visit


1 Whilst all reasonable steps are taken to maintain the property in a usable condition, it must be understood
that hirers accept the use of the property in its current state and the Battalion accepts no responsibility for
failure to provide facilities exactly as outlined in the brochure
2 The Battalion accepts no responsibility for acts of negligence by hirers or persons in their charge. All users
will be expected to have adequate insurance arrangements in force and to indemnity the Battalion against
any claims, howsoever caused arising from use of its property
3 Except in respect to activities on the water and the use of vessels the Brigade insurance scheme will be
adequate to protect BB Companies and their members, and similar arrangement usually apply to similar
national organisations. Other groups and their members should ensure Public Liability risks for a minimum
indemnity limit of £250,000 and be prepared to show evidence of such protection to any official of the
Battalion on demand
4 Subject to the same provisions as n paragraph 3 above, most Church based groups will usually be protected
by Church policies, but check that they are in force and for an adequate amount, providing the activity
undertaken can reasonably be included in the term ‘part of the normal activities of the Church’
5 There are possible difficulties about the Marine Risk, i.e. the use f vessels and water-borne activities. The BB
Scheme admits the Liability risk for use of craft propelled by human power only, but excludes cover when any
other form of propulsion is involved. Thus, craft using sails are wind powered and are therefore not insured.
Any user contemplating the use of vessels powered by anything other than human power should first discuss
this with an official of the Battalion.
6 The Battalion cannot speak with any authority for the insurance policies of other organisations or Churches;
all users should check their own arrangements so far as exclusion clauses are concerned. Where
deficiencies arise, users are required to effect special cover at their own cost.
7 The Battalion does not have any vessels of its own and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for vessels
brought up to the moorings or on to the site either in respect of material damage or public liability. Vessels
are left on the site entirely at the owners/users risk, and the Battalion would not accept to be indemnified for
any claims arising there from. The Battalion cannot guarantee the security of vessels left on the site.